Andreu March "From Fine Arts to Visual Merchandising"

"I still get excited when I remember the beginnings of my career. Years ago, studying Fine Arts was not the best option for a 18 year old, maybe it was so an ethereal career. Although it was not easy, I managed to study what I was passionate about and now, from a distance, I think I am in the place where I always wanted to be.

I started to work by giving classes of shop window design, transforming my knowledge in shop windows and wow, I loved it! I discovered the fascinating world of visual merchandising, which then, I did not even know how it was written. Little by little, I was introducing myself in this world, which led me to discover what it is to get lost in the streets of Paris. Discover the magic of the surprise effect that give off the stores there.

Today, after 30 years of experience in the sector, I have directed my creativity to the Retail sector, falling in love with products and concepts every day. Understanding each new project, as a challenge for my creativity and the one of my entire team."

The studio

From our studio, we work so that the projects with us are an experience in themselves.

Andreu March

Manager and Art Director


Sandra Márquez

Technique in Administration & Management


Isaac Figueras

Technical Design & Accounts Execution


Mònica Delgado

Artistic Design & Accounts Execution


Adelaida Martín

Visual Merchandiser