We present a new project with which we are very excited. This is a job for the Punto Blanco, leader in the Spanish sock market. It is a prototype of the New Punto Blanco store in Barcelona, ​​it includes two shop windows and the shop's visual.

The main reason of the project is to create a system of impressive shop windows, as well as easy assembly, and convert Punto Blanco into a shopping proposal. The shop window must be an open and mobile space, whose system can be adapted to other points of sale in a corporate way. Regarding the visual, it must allow the client to understand the store and dispense if necessary from the assisted sale.

The shop window is made up of a white painted iron base, following the aesthetic "garage" of the store. It includes an iron structure, also painted, to hold the attrezzo, a natural wood background and the exhibition elements. The visual of the store helps explain a story that captivates the consumer and encourages their autonomy when making the purchase.