Pordamsa in our studio!


Today we introduce you the actual creativity of our studio! With a maritime air, this show window comes from the closure of a 2.000m2 showroom project of Pordamsa in Girona. We can’t be prouder with the results.


Created by the studio and illustrated by Isaac, it is an inspiration which places us at the bottom of the sea. The hedgehog, a current animal in the texture of the Mediterranean Sea, it is the companion of the Pordamsa’s products; plates with different designs, shapes and reliefs very originals which dress the best recipes of the sea. They are manufactured in a handmade way, which adds exclusive value to their collections.


The hedgehog adorns an intentional degraded, interpreting the bottom of the sea on the darker and lower part, and the water outline on white and grey hues. A vision from the deep water of the ocean which won’t leave anyone indifferent!


We celebrate this intense and lovely cooperation; we are truly satisfied with the challenge and the final result! We are looking forwards to seeing the new area in Pordamsa and specially to sharing with all of you.