Official presentation in ESCODI


On June 17th at 2:30pm we did the official presentation of the book "Como dejar de ser una tienda zombie" in the classrooms of ESCODI in Terrassa.

From ESCODI, they presented the event with a very wise copy that we would like to share with you:

We are living in a time of such accelerated changes in lifestyles and shopping, that there is the same proportion of businesses that worsen their results than stores that improve them. And in the middle there are the stores that simply stand. Therefore, zombie risk in Retail is a reality; but not irremediable.

From ESCODI we like helping merchants and trade professionals to open their eyes and see things differently. In the Andreu March conference on what to do with the shops and streets that commercially become "undead" goes in this direction. Would you join us?

The presentation was about 110 registers, we sincerely hope that all of them could extract their own synthesis from the book to apply the concepts presented in their own personal projects.

We take advantage of the post, to tell you that next September it will start the training "How to stop being a zombie store" in ESCODI classrooms, we will keep you informed through our social networks and our website of all the details.

Many thanks to all, especially to the ESCODI team for their dedication to the project.