New times, new services


From Andreu March Studio, we reveal a new method of communication and work, in the safest and most effective way; the new service of online consulting!


How does it work?

It is required to request a prior appointment on our website. You have to detail the day and the time of the meeting through our electronic mail, where it will be necessary to specify the reason of the appointment and the topics to deal with, as well. In the email, you can attach all the information that you think it is essential, in order to reach the main project idea when the meeting arrives. The appointments will be via Zoom and at the end, a written report will be sent with every key aspect crafted and with each possible solution.


Which aspects can we deal with in the appointment?

Aspects linked to Visual Merchandising, sales route, interior design, brand communication, omnichannel strategy, the relationship between the online and the physical area of the shop, and the sales staff training or the technique training in Visual Merchandising.


Pleased to undertake this new service and to work at this new stage with wishful thinking!