Frida #8M


By the celebration of the worker woman’s day, the Andreu March studio creates a shopwindow with the figure of this well-known female icon of Mexican origin.

Firda Kahlo, a painter with such a metaphorical and sensitive style, always expressed the events that marked her own life, through art. From her work, composed of numerous self-portraits, we extract the phrase, "I am my own muse", which stars the shop window focused directly on the celebration of the worker woman's day on March 8. His work also shows a marked identity that used to propagate revolutionary nationalism; this feature is reflected in some self-portraits that capture images of pre-Columbian culture. It was also evident in his dresses with long Mexican skirts, braids, and pre-Columbian necklaces and earrings.

The figure of the artist, represented in the shopwindow, has been versioned through a structure of numbered colored threads that stand with a head needle. Needles, are an element that goes in line with Kahlo's work, and repeatedly appear in her paintings such as The Broken Column (1944).

During the realization of the creativity, AM Studio has done an Instagram raffle of Andreu March's first book, "Como dejar de ser una tienda zombie," among all those people who decided to try their luck at the figure guessing, before the placing the strands, when there were still only needles in the wall. The winners? Olot 2D FUST carpentry, who can come to the studio to pick it up!